Want to know more about inclusive security? Here are some resources to get you started.


To understand how prioritizing inclusion can help mediators achieve peace, read our report on "Getting the Point of Inclusion: Seven Myths Standing in the Way of Women Waging Peace." Then check out these "Nine Models for Inclusion of Civil Society in Peace Processes."

Inclusive approaches could make the difference between lasting peace or continued violence in today's deadliest conflicts, from Syria to South Sudan. These articles show how:


Did you know women can also increase the effectiveness of security operations and efforts to counter violent extremism? For more insight, check out "A Women's Guide to Security Sector Reform" and this op-ed on why "US Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism Must Prioritize Women."

Fifty countries have adopted national policies to enhance women's inclusion in peace and security decision making. Learn more on our National Action Plan Resource Center


Women are the single biggest untapped resource for peace. Around the world, they are negotiating ceasefires, preventing violence, mediating between warring parties, securing communities, and rebuilding countries. Here's a small sample of their inspiring stories: